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Are you in search of a high-quality portable bio toilet in India? Look no further. At JRMS Industries, we stand out for delivering the best quality bio-toilets that are not only portable but also easy to move from one location to another. Our extensive range of portable toilets finds applications in various settings such as workplaces, residential areas, housing complexes, exhibitions, mela, villages, national parks, development sites, and other commercial spaces. What sets our structures apart is their easy installation, low maintenance, and resilience to climatic conditions, making them a reliable choice for any environment. We are one of the leading makers and providers of portable toilets, known for their simple cleaning techniques, weatherproof nature, protection from dampness and simple installation. Our planners use the latest tools and technologies to manufacture and deliver compact toiletries. Our clients can trust us to get the best quality portable toilets. They are made per the client's requirements using the best quality natural substances and the latest innovations. The structures are tried and tested in different environments to ensure that they adhere to global principles and standards.

The Features of a Portable Biodegradable Toilet

At JRMS Industries, our experienced team of skilled professionals mainly specialises in manufacturing bio-toilets that comply with international standards. As the reputed Portable Bio Toilet Manufacturer in India, we offer a wide range of toilets to choose from.

  • • The portable toilets are biodegradable
  • • The material used is FRP or fibreglass-reinforced plastic
  • • The colour of the portable toilet is green
  • • The tank capacity is 100-500 L
  • • The shape of this toilet is square
  • • The height of these toilets is 6Fts

The Benefits of Using Portable Biodegradable Toilet

  • • Prevent untreated water and human waste caused due to groundwater contamination.
  • • Reduce the need for costly installations.
  • • They are made with FRP, and they are easy to install and maintain.
  • • Digest the organic solids ecologically.
  • • Provide an alternative option to dumping of sewage in lakes and fields.

Choosing portable bio-toilets from us is a good decision. Each portable biodegradable toilet is made with the safety and hygiene of the clients in mind. Contact us today to learn more about bio-toilets.

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