Underground FRP Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer (STP)

JRMS Engineering Works is a leading FRP package sewage treatment plant manufacturer we deal with high quality, high performance, durable, lightweight, easy to install, and very much affordable products. We offer a range of such treatment plants to carry out commercial and industrial treatment of sewage. Our products are solutions to effective, concise, and cost-effective way of wastewater treatment. FRP, which is a non-corrosion, high pressure tolerant, leak-free and versatile material, is used in the manufacture of these units so that you are delivered the highest grade of products.

Pre-fabricated using sophisticated techniques and technology, the systems are modular and applicable for decentralised waste water treatment processes. You can use it not just to treat sewage, but also to generate non-potable for agricultural purposes. If you are looking forward to installing FRP packaged sewage treatment plant for treating waste water, look no further than the range of products at Jesse Industries.

frp packaged sewage treatment plant

Why Are FRP Sewage Treatment Plants Important?

What Is The Working Principle Of Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant?

Filtralite media is used in the units to assist in the biological purification of sewage. The media help in the degradation of suspended components and removal of ammonia, arsenic, iron, and fluorides. It also encourages the growth of microbes that break down the organic contaminants. The FRP keeps the media from damaging the unit. The sections in the unit contain filtration membranes which help in cleaning the sewage and assisting in sedimentation. The materials which settle in each section, form the sludge, which is then pumped back to a septic tank. From here, the sludge is eventually removed.

Why Choose Underground FRP Packaged Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant From JRMS Engineering Works – the Manufacturers In Kolkata, India?

  1. We are the underground FRP packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Kolkata, India who have years of experience.
  2. Manufactured cutting-edge technology, these products are suitable for commercial and industrial level decentralised wastewater treatment.
  3. Our products are of compact design and require minimal space in your sewage treatment unit.
  4. They can be customised as per requirements and consume less time for installation on site.
  5. The products are completely made from FRP, lightweight, durable, leak-proof, heavy duty, high performance, and corrosion resistant.
  6. They also provide ambient temperature insulation.
  7. They are an economical way of treating waste water.

So, if you are looking for underground FRP packaged sewage treatment plant, do not look any beyond our product range. At JRMS Engineering Works we are totally customer-centric and serve nothing but the best. Need more information? Contact us now.