Underground Water Storage Tank Manufacturer

If you are looking for a leading underground water storage tank manufacturer in Kolkata having years of industry presence, Jess Industries is simply the name to trust. Through the years we have projected ourselves as one of the most reliable water storage tank manufacturers and now boast of offering our clients the largest variety of pipes, fitting, containers and water storage tanks for residential, industrial, and commercial projects.

The durability and strength offered by our underground water storage tanks are second to none and this has helped us in outshining our peers. We have attained huge market recognition and leave no stone unturned in maintaining it by manufacturing premium quality products. Our complete focus is on maintaining the international standards while designing and manufacturing those water storage tanks. We even offer customised tanks specially designed according to your project.

Underground water storage tank manufacturer

Few Industries And Sectors Opting For Our Underground Water Storage Tank

Why Are Underground Water Storage Tanks Important?

Working Principle Of Our Underground Water Storage Tanks

  1. Screened Air Vents.
  2. Rain Protected.
  3. Durable.
  4. 100% Virgin Material.
  5. Corrosion Resistant.
  6. High Capacity.
  7. Sturdy.
  8. Leak Proof
  9. Air Tight
  10. Fungus Free
  11. As Per Standards

The basic principle on which our products work has made us a reliable underground water storage FRP tank Manufacturer Kolkata. The excavation hole is cleared thoroughly so that the bottom is devoid of any large rock or object that might intervene while the tank is being laid. Installing our tanks is really helpful if the space available for your water tank is limited or you don’t want the tank to affect the visual appeal of your property.

Why Approach Jess Industries As a Leading Underground Water Storage FRP Tank Manufacturer Kolkata?

  1. Years of experience in supplying premium quality underground water storage tank in and around Kolkata.
  2. The design is compact so you can install them without compromising the visual appeal of your landscapes.
  3. Offer the tanks at affordable prices with a complete focus on customer satisfaction.
  4. Have in-house manufacturing units which have helped us in serving the industry continuously for the last few years.

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