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If you are searching for the best quality, multi-functional domestic packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer, JRMS Engineering Works is the right place for you. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of domestic STP for all households in Kolkata and nearby locations. Domestic STP is also known as Wastewater Treatment Plant or WWTP. Apart from fabrication, we install and offer annual maintenance contracts, operation and maintenance contract services, chemicals, equipment and needed spare parts for the whole range.

Sewage Treatment Plant for Homes

The domestic STPs used in homes are smaller as compared to the larger units. STPs are required for areas that prevent water scarcity. Domestic sewage has all the waste accumulated in wastewater from bathrooms, sinks, toilet paper, human waste and food items. Removing all these from the home's wastewater becomes very important before it gets discharged to the environment.

After the wastewater is being treated, the water is not thrown. It becomes clean enough to reuse for cleaning the toilets and gardening. Our effective wastewater treatment provides an eco-friendly and sustainable measure to save water for upcoming generations.

Small Domestic STP Installed From The Experts

In all our domestic STP units, the wastewater is passed through a precise sequence of aeration and sedimentation. The water is cleaned with gravity for separating waste particles of different densities. In domestic STP, the steps happen in a single tank rather than passing through three tanks. Aeration is one of the most crucial operations in domestic STP.

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Domestic STP

Do you need an excellent domestic STP for your house, farmhouse or apartment? Choose us to get higher-quality sewage treatment plants backed with the latest technology. We have a wide range of wastewater treatment products available per the needs. We design the best STP that is not only cost-effective but also quite easy to maintain. For any enquiry, call us now.