Cutting Edge Bio Toilet Manufacturer in Kolkata

We are a leading supplier of state of the art Bio Toilet, sewage and effluent treatment solutions in India. We boast of developing the most advanced as well as the most reliable solutions in the industry. Our bio-toilet technology utilises 100% fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks that offer corrosion-free and long-lasting (15-20 years) customised treatment units. Our solutions are modular and compact. Moreover, they are designed to be upgradeable to the latest technologies. They can also help reduce maintenance costs and occupy minimum space.

Salient Features of Our Bio Toilet

Our bio-toilet has been designed to solve the ever-growing problems of human waste disposal. To this end, they can provide a wide range of advantages, including:

  • • No bad smell in the toilets from the tanks
  • • Faecal matter is not visible in the tanks
  • • Resistant to infestation from cockroaches and flies
  • • Zero risk of clogging the digester
  • • Our bio-toilet is eco-friendly
  • • Our bio-toilets are known to provide excellent performance
  • • These toilets are lightweight, durable and leakproof
  • • These toilets are also extremely easy to install

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Bio Toilet Manufacturer?

In terms of quality and versatility, we aim to manufacture and create toilets of the best quality. We have both the pre-fabricated shelter and bio-digested tanks. Our toilets are eco-friendly, and they actively decompose solid waste into water and biogas. Moreover, our bio-toilets actively eliminate the need for expensive waste treatment. Below, we have highlighted some more reasons to convince you why you should trust us as your dependable bio toilet manufacturer:

  • • It can help digest organic solids in an ecological way.
  • • It prevents human waste and untreated water from contaminating the groundwater.
  • • It offers a robust alternative to dumping of wastes into rivers, lakes and fields in rural and underdeveloped areas.
  • • The effluent in this case is cleaner, more effective and easier to use than a septic tank because it doesn’t need to be further cleaned or emptied.
  • • The effluent is odourless and colourless as compared to the end products of the toilets being used these days.
  • • There is no need to invest in the work and energy that is required to relocate composting toilets every year.

To minimise the impact of human waste on the environment, choose from our wide variety of models of bio-toilets. It is easy to install, eco-friendly products and much more advantageous than traditional toilets. Get a quote today!

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