Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer Kolkata, India (Domestic Packaged)

If you are looking for Domestic Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer offering high performance and durable products, while at the same time affordable, JRMS Engineering Works is a leading packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer India. We have already outshone our peers by becoming the most preferred sewage treatment plant manufacturer Kolkata. Since each and every STP is manufactured using the latest tools, machines, and technologies so they are easy to operate.

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of STP for customers residing in and around Kolkata, we have installed those tools and machinery in our industries which have excellent infrastructure facilities. Few years in the industry and we have projected ourselves to be one of the fastest growing manufacturer and supplier of reliable domestic packaged STP. Being a leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer Kolkata, India we offer high quality products at affordable price.

Choose The Ideal Manufacturer of Sewage Treatment Plant

We customise the products according to the requirement of our clients. Our professionals undertake the entire responsibility of installing the product for you. Each one of them takes ultimate care to manufacture each unit abiding by the norms and guidelines prevalent in the industry. Being a reliable STP manufacturer in Kolkata, we ensure only high-quality raw materials are used to craft the product and dispatch flawless STP to our clients within the shortest span of time.

The STP manufactured by JRMS Engineering Works are precisely designed to treat water discharged from residential buildings so that it can be reused for gardening purposes. Each plant can treat around 10,000 litres of sewage on a daily basis generated from domestic sources. Our Domestic Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are treated to be a cost-effective option as minimal maintenance is required.

Why Opt For Our Domestic STP?

  1. Our domestic STP is ideal to be used for domestic buildings where having access to the main drainage is hard.
  2. They are infact the best alternative to septic tank system.
  3. After the sewage by treated by our Domestic Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant, almost 95 percent of the pollutant in the water is removed.
  4. The effluent produced is odourless and clear.
  5. In the last few years, all variety of domestic STP manufactured by JRMS Engineering Works has made much advancement in design and functionality.
  6. You can install them below the ground to minimise its impact on the surrounding.
  7. Have controlled ventilation facility so as to reduce the risk of odour or foul smell.

Unique Features Of Our Domestic Package STP

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