Anaerobic Septic Tank & FRP Bio Domestic Septic Tank Manufacturer in Kolkata

JRMS Engineering Works presents a range of FRP anaerobic septic tanks at competitive prices. We are the manufacturers, suppliers, as well as wholesalers of these products. Our high quality domestic septic tank manufacturer are ideal solutions for industrial wastewater and sewage treatment requirements.

FRP Septic Tank & Anaerobic Septic Tank

Features of FRP Septic Tank:

Best On-site Sewage Facility Bio Septic Tank

Anaerobic & FRP bio domestic septic tank manufacturer in Kolkata like JRMS Engineering Works are the perfect solution for all your sewage treatment requirements. We design these products keeping in mind the principles of microbiology that pertain to the treatment procedure. Our designs are optimised to meet the oxidation and anaerobic settling procedures that take place during the process. Our range of FRP bio septic tank and anaerobic septic tank are manufactured to make decomposition of sewage fast, effective, and odour-free, without high capital outlay.

Created using ingenious designs, these tanks help in reverting waste water to clean water within no time. The rebound time is less and optimal operating conditions can be retained without the product being susceptible to shocks loads. The simplicity helps in the easy injection of oxygen, without system failure. Absolutely inspection friendly, these products are available in various dimensions as per customer requirements and market demands.

Almost 80-95% of waste can be cleared and decomposed within these vessels in controlled batch treatments. The material helps in keeping the effluent treatment cycle stable and optimum. The FRP domestic septic tank allows low maintenance of the tanks and enables high load bearing capacity. Because the products are lightweight, dewatering is easy and hence, costs are minimal. The inertness of the material also lets the use of chemical cleansers without disrupting the body or the process.

Advantages and Applicability

  1. Applicable at household as well as public levels.
  2. Suitable for performance in all weather types.
  3. Does not support the growth of fungus or mould.
  4. Easily upgradable and conveniently transportable.
  5. Helps in effective BOD reduction.
  6. Constructible in flood-prone areas.
  7. Installable in small land and even underground.
  8. Flexibility of location-based installation.
  9. Long service life and low operational costs.

Why Choose JRMS Engineering Works for Domestic Bio FRP Septic Tanks & Anaerobic Septic Tank in Kolkata

We are a team of experienced professionals who have been into the trade of water filtration and process systems for a long time. Our organisation is known for the innovation it puts in its work, designing products that suit requirements to perfection. With a competitive edge, we bring to you simple and smart solutions to water treatment with complete customer care. We believe, our customers define our business above anything else. Our attempt is to uphold satisfaction to their best interest. Should you be looking for quality anaerobic septic tanks, look no further than JRMS Engineering Works, because we have always delivered the best.

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