What are the Major Objectives of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant?

Posted On: 26th May, 2022

Having a well-maintained and well-built sanitisation system is a major necessity in modern society. Unlike the rural areas, in the urban sectors, faecal sludge treatment plants have been constructed to safely manage the depositions of human excreta without harming the environment. The major work of this treatment plant is to treat the faecal sludge and reduce the health and environmental risks associated with improper decomposition of the same. Harmful faecal sludge is being deposited in different parts of the metropolitan cities, and the same gets dumped into the environment. This causes environmental degradation and air pollution around the different parts of the cities.

Read on to know more about the reasons behind the installation of faecal sludge treatment plants.

What are the objectives of a faecal sludge treatment plant?

The four major treatment objectives that are provided effectively by the faecal sludge treatment plants are as follows:

Inactivation of the pathogens from faecal sludge

Faecal sludge contains high amounts of pathogens like bacteria, viruses and protozoa that might cause harm to the environment and human beings if the same is not treated with proper care. With the help of faecal sludge treatment plants, the pathogens present in the sludge are inactivated, and the same is treated well.

Removing water content from faecal sludge

Naturally, faecal sludge contains a lot of watery substances. The objective of the faecal sludge treatment plant is to remove the water content and make the faecal sludge dry. This process is known as dewatering. Water content makes the weight of the faecal sludge heavier. Hence the purpose of the faecal sludge treatment plant is to remove the water content and reduce the weight. This also helps to reduce the proximity of smell that generally occurs from the faecal sludge.

Stabilises the faecal sludge

faecal sludge contains high amounts of organic material that are beneficial for the growth of plants. However, for this purpose, the faecal sludge must be stabilised and made more predictable with less amount of odour. This process helps produce a sufficient amount of energy from the faecal sludge that you can use effectively.

Extraction of nutrients from faecal sludge

faecal sludge contains high amounts of nutrients beneficial for farming and agriculture. However, the faecal sludge cannot be directly applied to the agricultural farms, and it needs to be stabilised before applying the same. The faecal sludge treatment plant helps to stabilise the same.

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