What are the major benefits of using plastic underground water tanks?

Posted On: 17th September, 2019

Poly or plastic underground water storage tanks are getting popular day by day. Apart from space consideration, such tanks are also widely accepted as they are protected from vandals while keeping the water cool, which is especially beneficial for warm-climate countries like India. Bush fires often become a concern for traditional water tanks. But that threat can be ignored in case of underground tanks made by any leading underground water storage tank manufacturer; they are well protected from potential fire hazards.

Importance of choosing polyethylene or plastic understand water storage

  • As space rapidly and increasingly at a premium, homeowners shouldn’t be deterred by the installation of heavy water tanks on their property. Installing water reservoirs underground is really wise to get benefits of the storage ability of rainwater tanks sans any space implication of above-ground reservoirs. Such tanks also help to extend the life of the lawn or the garden during hot summer days. Such tanks can be utilised for other jobs as well around the home like washing the car during the weekend and topping up the pool. Such tanks are usually buried under the ground and thus they remain out of sight. You can install the tanks under the rear or front lawn or beneath the driveway. This would also help to keep the water inside the tank cool.
  • Polyethylene aka plastic is a versatile material. It is durable and light in weight. The material is safe for human use as well. Plastic subterranean water reservoirs are available in different sizes so you can choose one as per your requirements. However, it would be good to avoid tanks moulded with the seam as they might cause tank splitting.
  • Rainwater harvesting is another amazing water efficiency measure meant for minimising water needs of the households. You may find rainwater tanks at an affordable price to mitigate the initial setup costs. And, that is certainly a good way to save both space and money.

Tips for installing subterranean water storage tanks


Installation of the underground water tank on the property needs diligent planning and proper budgeting. To ensure doing both effectively, here are some good tips that you may follow:


  • Know local rules - Talk to the local authority and ask them about particular rules and regulations related to underground reservoir installation.
  • Contact professionals - Now it is time to check with the plumbing, installation as well as regular maintenance costs. It would be wise to consult with a reputable underground water storage tank manufacturer. You can also get help from an accredited plumber for installation. They are likely to check the underground cables as well as sewer pipes before installation.
  • Choose as per the amount of rainfall - It is strongly advised to choose the reservoir depending on the amount of average rainfall in your area. You should also consider the size of the roof before making a decision. The tank must comply with industry standards.
  • Food-grade quality is recommended - Polyethylene or plastic underground tanks must be constructed from food-grade substances to ensure that the water inside it is safe for human use.

These are the things you should know before installing a plastic underground water tank. Installing such a tank would help you save money, space, and the environment. However, before installation, contacting local authority for industry rules and regulations is a must. Contact concerned professionals for proper installation of the tank.