What are the key benefits of installing a sewage treatment plant?

Posted On: 23rd August, 2019

A sewage treatment plant usually receives, stocks up, treats and eventually disposes of wastewater or sewage from the sinks, toilets, baths, washing machines and other domestic as well as commercial water-using appliances. As talking about wastewater or sewage treatment plants, it is not referred to as the septic tanks only. It also includes drains, pipes, different fittings, and percolation areas to ensure that the wastewater is treated properly and discharged accordingly. Though mainly commercial facilities use sewage treatment plants made by a leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer Kolkata, modern builds also install their own treatment system on the property.

Benefits of the wastewater treatment system

There are a number of benefits of installing an effluent treatment system and some of them are as follows:

  • Prevention of potential ailments – Such a system eradicates any disease-causing bacteria as well as pathogens from the water and kills injurious organisms as well. It removes all such contaminates prior to the sewage leaves the tank and enters the ground. This process of filtration prevents any sort of ailments from entering the water sources as well as reaching farm animals and plants.
  • Cost-effective – These systems usually last for almost 15 years and even more if you can maintain them properly. They are a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment and for keeping bad bacteria and pathogens at bay. You might get funding or loans to install such a wastewater or sewage treatment plants as they are eco-friendly.
  • Little to no emission of odour – If compared to earlier systems, modern drain water treatment plants emit minimal odours. People often avoid installing septic tanks or any kind of sewage system just as they can’t stand with the smell it protrudes. But with modern system, you won’t need to face such an awkward situation. However, make sure you maintain the system correctly and follow the maintenance procedure recommended by the sewage treatment plant manufacturer Kolkata.
  • No more expensive water bills – In today’s scenario, the skyrocketing water bills are an unfortunate yet hardly avoidable reality in many countries across the world. If you install a wastewater system on your own property, you don’t need to worry about exorbitant water bills anymore. Pumping water into the plant costs much less in comparison to your water bills. And this way, you can significantly save on costs as well.
  • Minimum maintenance – Modern effluent treatment systems need little maintenance. But they last quite longer than their older counterparts. Based on usage, a septic tank may need a de-sludging only once in every two years. However, you also need to undertake a maintenance inspection once in every 2 to 3 years. Better you conduct the inspection in between on your own by looking for any tell-tale issues to ensure more life and better functionality for the plant.
  • Faster break down of solid wastes – Contemporary systems of wastewater treatment are aerobic systems with the capability to break down the solids quicker than their older versions. So, blockage usually doesn’t become an issue. Also, this ensures less frequent de-sludging and allows less solid to contaminate groundwater.

Installing a wastewater treatment plant ensures prevention of potential ailments, little to no emission of odour, elimination of expensive water bills and a minimum maintenance in a cost-effective way.