The benefits of using FRP prefabricated portable toilets

Posted On: 31st March, 2020

Arranging for sufficient toilets and washrooms can be quite the task for the organizers, especially in an open-air venue. Food, water, light and sound, and other such elements are far more readily available. But toilets – not so much. That is where FRP prefabricated portable toilets come in.

What are FRP prefabricated toilets?

FRP prefabricated portable toilets are high-functioning restrooms to be used in any location. The material used is fibre-reinforced plastic, which makes the models durable and withstanding of harsh external weather conditions. They are incredibly hygienic and quite convenient to use.

4 Advantages of FRP Prefabricated Portable Toilets

Many organizers, entrepreneurs and event managers are going with these FRP toilets for their usefulness. While not a permanent solution like traditional restrooms, the portable toilets come with their own set of benefits.

Ease of logistics

The parts of an FRP portable toilet can be easily assembled and disassembled on the spot. This feature makes it convenient for the bathroom to be carried from one place to another. If you are an organization who regularly hosts events in outdoor or remote locations, it will be of great use to you.

The convenience of installation and usage

Be it a one-month commitment for an outdoor shooting spot or a one-day gala event, FRP toilets will serve efficiently. They are easy to install as well as to use. Not everyone going to these toilets will be super-fit. The prefabricated models are made keeping that in mind with useful additions like ramps and railings.


Imagine the cost of building an entire new brick-and-mortar restroom. You can get your hand on an FRP toilet at a much lesser price than that. Moreover, with these toilets, you will not need to purchase one unless you are an event management agency or an open-air venue which require it frequently. You can hire a set of toilets for a one-time function or rent one for a specific period.  


Most of the FRP toilets are water-free which use chemical procedures or air suction in case of advanced models. Therefore, you contribute to water conservation by preventing a lot of wastage throughout the event. Moreover, it is the duty of the company renting out the portable toilets to clean it up and sanitize afterwards. That way, you can be guaranteed of responsible and sustainable waste disposal.

Jess Industries is a leading name in service of FRP prefabricated portable toilets. They have broken ground on cutting edge technology with their mobile, biodegradable restrooms for years. In a country like India, where open sanitation is an issue that still plagues many regions, their contribution towards the popularity of mobile toilets is unparalleled.

Despite being an absolute essential, it is surprising how much the importance of a functional and hygienic restroom is overlooked by many. Do not make the same mistake and get started on renting or buying portable toilets as soon as possible. Your venue will stay clean, and your guests will be grateful.