Know About the Four Objectives of Faecal Sludge Treatment

Posted On: 7th March, 2022

There are few numbers of urban sewerage systems which work efficiently in India. This is due to poor sanitation combined with a lack of faecal sludge and septage management. It has also become a major cause of water pollution in India. Known to cause havoc like diseases and pollution, the option of faecal sludge treatment has become more important than ever. The faecal sludge treatment plants are quite effective in this regard.  

This plant addresses the treatment of faecal sludge. It is a non-sewered sanitation system that reduces health and environmental risks. The type and treatment will depend on what will happen to the faecal sludge. It can transform it into a valuable product with several environmental benefits. Therefore, using the product instead of causing pollution is what the process aims to achieve.   

Objectives of the Faecal Sludge Treatment   

Pathogen inactivation

One key objective of faecal sludge treatment is to reduce it to the pathogen level to protect public health. These pathogens are viruses, bacteria, protozoa and helminths, which cause widespread diseases. The level of pathogen reduction depends on the disposal (final use) of the faecal sludge. For example, the sludge we apply to the crops needs more treatment to reduce the amount of pathogen than if you would have buried them.  
Faecal sludge treatment, therefore, inactivates pathogens in multiple ways 


Faecal sludge has high water content. The process of dewatering removes this water from the faecal sludge. It reduces its weight and volume, therefore making it safe, cheap and easy to manage. The dewatered sludge attracts a few vectors like rats and flies, besides making the minimal smell. It eliminates the risk of groundwater contamination. This is because dry sludge takes time to infiltrate into the ground.   

At the treatment plant, dewatering is done to remove high moisture content from the water. While not every sludge is easy to dewater, you should stabilize it to make it easy.

Stabilized faecal sludge refers to organic material which is degraded by microorganisms. Faecal sludge has a lot of organic matter. It is proven to be beneficial for plants. It can act as a contaminant for the surface water. Therefore, Stabilized sludge is safe, smells less, and contains nutrients in the form of microorganisms.  

If you want to produce energy, you should have less stabilized sludge. The process facilitates the production of organic material, which becomes biogas in an anaerobic setting. In aerobic settings, it will generate heat.   

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