Keep your readymade bathroom clean with 3 easy tips

Posted On: 1st June, 2020

Portable bathrooms are a temporary solution to your sanitation needs. Though there are numerous readymade bathroom manufacturers scattered all over India, there are still a few people who have not yet bought portable bathrooms. They think that keeping them clean is both strenuous and challenging. It is one of the most common myths people should debunk before renting or buying a readymade bathroom. If you are using it for a single event, high maintenance won’t be necessary. If you are hosting an event which will last for a few months, you can follow the tips stated below to ensure that the portable bathrooms stay clean longer.

Few Tips To Keep Your Portable Bathrooms Clean

• Use Cleaning Tablets

You will find cleaning tablets in a majority of the public bathrooms in your country. Just drop a tablet in your portable toilet and you don’t have to worry about bad odour or germs growing. Though, it is a myth that keeping cleaning tablets in the toilets will keep them spotless. If you are using the same readymade bathroom for months, make sure you place a new cleaning tablet every month. If you want to know what type or brand of cleaning tablets you should use, get in touch with your readymade bathroom manufacturer in India.

• Check The Supplies Often

Keeping your portable bathroom clean will become easier if you keep it well stock with adequate supplies. Replace the air freshener, refill the hand sanitiser, replace the empty toilet paper roll and put a new cleaning tablet in the toilet once every month. Whether you are using it every day or not, check them regularly. You can talk with your readymade bathroom manufacturer if you want to get shipments of bathroom supplies regularly.

• Clean The Touch Points

Keeping your readymade bathroom clean will become easier if you focus on the touch points. Know the places in your bathroom which people touch often like the toilet paper holders, hand sanitiser dispenser and the door handle. Though keeping the touch points clean isn’t a daunting task, make sure you do it every day. Take a clean rag, dip it in a powerful cleaning solution and wipe the touch points twice every day. You can also use a microfiber towel instead of the rag.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and keeping your readymade toilet clean will become easier.