Fundamentals of FRP Acid Storage Tanks and Its Specifications

Posted On: 30th October, 2019

Acid storage tanks are mostly made from FRP, XLPE, HDPE and carbon steel. The tanks have a specific gravity of 1.9. However, secondary containment is also necessary. It is better to store the acids out of direct exposure to the sun. Usually, the capacity of such tanks ranges between 35 and 100,000 gallons as told by a leading acid storage tank manufacturer.

Sulfuric Acid

As it comes to acid storage for the industrial purpose, the most common name comes to mind is sulfuric acid.

  • The acid is chemically known as H2SO4.
  • It is used as battery acid. It is also used as dihydrogen sulfate.
  • Industries use this acid to produce phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid, lead-acid car batteries, and other chemicals.
  • The acid should be handled correctly and stored in the right place.
  • Storage needs are mostly dependant on the concentration of the acid.
  •  It is needed to have prior approval from storage tank manufacturers for the applications of the acid.

Proper storage of sulfuric acid

The acid should be kept in particular containers. The containers must be made from corrosion-resistant materials to ensure stability, safety, and longevity of the tank. The specifications, however, may differ depending on the specific concentration of the acid. If you fail to store the acid in the proper container with proper gaskets and fittings, corrosion can take place. It may also compromise the structural integrity of the tank. And that can cause potential safety hazards and expensive repairs. Choose the right container for storing sulfuric acid to avoid exothermic reactions.

The acid should be kept in a dry and cool area away from direct sun exposure, ignition sources, and heat. In fact, all incompatible materials should be avoided to keep in close contact with the acid. For bulk storage of the acid, secondary containment measures should also be taken. Don’t forget to inspect and maintain the tank on a regular basis by a professional to ensure proper storage.

FRP tanks for sulfuric acid storage

Fibreglass reinforced plastic or FRP is widely used by the acid storage tank manufacturer for making acid storage tanks. Such tanks are just perfect to store H2SO4 of 80 wt% or more concentration. However, they are not recommended for storing acid with more concentration. Strength more than 80 percent can badly corrode the vinyl ester resins of such tanks. This is even truer when the solution temperature becomes raised to 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This is a great concern regarding dilution of the acid. If you add water to the acid, it can produce significant heat. And if the temperature rises above allowable thresholds, the stability of the tank structure would be compromised. And thus it is highly forbidden to dilute the acid in the FRP tank.  

Storing acids, especially sulfuric acid, should be done properly. It can be stored in tanks made of FRP, XLPE, HDPE and carbon steel. Otherwise, it can cause potential safety hazards. FRP would be a good option to store H2SO4 of 80 wt% or more concentration.