Debunking the Common Myths Related to Sewage Treatment in Kolkata

Posted On: 9th November, 2018

It can be safely said that there are certain myths and misconceptions related to sewage treatment that just won’t go away. People have believed these myths to be facts for years, but it has been too long and it is about time that these are put to rest once and for all. It can be understandable that it is but natural for people to harbour myths about most things, but to evaluate the authenticity of the myths is a more important and necessary prospect. Discussed below are the myths associated with sewage treatment and whether there is any truth to them.

Are these Sewage Treatment Myths True or False

  • The Bigger the Pump the Better

One of the things that everyone believes is that the bigger the size of the pump, the better it will be for residential purposes. This is not the case in most cases, as the pump size should be selected based on the purpose it is going to serve. Oversized pumps can be quite a frequent sight, but it has to be remembered that not only is it the more expensive option, it is also far less efficient. Just to put things into perspective, an oversized pump is considered such if it cannot work within 20% of its BEP, or best efficiency point.

  • Horsepower of the Pump is Most Important

Another thing that everyone believes that is not entirely correct is that the pump’s horsepower is the yardstick for choosing. It is the design of the motor that plays the most significant role in how well the pump is going to work, and for how long. The best way to ensure that the pump is selected for a specific purpose is by ensuring that the necessary head fall and system flow are exactly on or just below the performance curve of the pump. The leading sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Kolkata suggests this method to select which pump to purchase.

  • Clogging

There is another misconception that everyone is quite comfortable in believing is that there is nothing that sewage treatment cannot manage and whatever is put in there will be processed without difficulty. This, however, is not the case, as even the most innocuous things can clog up the drain and make sewage treatment rather problematic. Oils, fats, and grease play a significant role in jamming up the flow of the wastewater, so it is important to make sure that these things are kept in mind as far as sewage treatment is concerned. Rice is seemingly the biggest culprits as it can swell up in the pipe as cause unwanted clogs in the drain.

These are some of the myths that everyone believes to be true. However, now you know how incorrect these things are. Sewage treatment, after all, is something about which the fewer the lack of knowledge the better it would be or else it can lead to some rather problematic matters.