Approaching A Bio Toilet Manufacturer? Products You Can Choose From

Posted On: 9th May, 2018

Though there are various ways through which you can reduce the usage of energy in your home or office, installing a bio-toilet is treated as one of the first steps towards green movement. They are eco-friendly and are available in a wide variety of styles and budget to suit individual buyer. Just approach a reliable bio toilet manufacturer in Kolkata and you can stay assured that whichever product you have opted for will have a positive impact on the environment. The focus of a majority of the companies is on manufacturing products which uses the least amount of water.

Common Bio-Toilet Varieties Offered By Bio Toilet Manufacturers In Kolkata

  • Modular Toilets

They are also known as portable toilets and have gained much popularity in the last few decades. It was first developed to handle hygiene issues in areas which lacked proper sanitation. Since the method of construction and design are quite flexible, you can ask your bio toilet manufacturer to customise a product according to your requirement. To prevent open defecations, the system is directly connected with the underground sewage lines.

  • FRP Bio-Toilets

A majority of the FRP Bio-toilets are green-rated products and environment-friendly. Approach a renowned FRP bio toilet manufacturer in Kolkata and you can stay assured that only high-quality raw materials will be used to manufacture the cabins. You can carry them from one place to another quite easily and set up them at a site you require. These bio-toilets can be tested on various parameters and customised according to the requirements of the clients. Even the gas generated can be used for irrigation or cooking purposes.

  • Hi-tech Toilets

The hi-tech toilets were introduced in India a few years ago by a few bio toilet manufacturers and include exclusive features like berths, doors, windows, seats, air-conditioning systems, water vessels, bio-digester, honeycomb panels and FRP products. High-grade bacteria are used to decompose the sludge or faecal matter which then turns into water and methane. They are almost maintenance-free but can be a bit costly. The bacteria are fed in the bio-digester toilets which multiply automatically through the auto-generation process.

  • Mobile Toilets

Few vital features of mobile toilets are heat resistance, easy maintenance, compact design, easy to transport, eco-friendly, long-lasting and waterproof, to name a few. Just make sure that the bio-toilet manufacturer in Kolkata you are approaching has years of experience in offering portable toilets and possess huge technical knowledge. One of the prime benefits of investing in portable toilets is that you don’t have to worry about costly water treatments. They are corrosion resistance and can last for years if you are planning to buy one.

Since you are now aware of the common bio-toilets varieties you can choose from according to your requirements, it’s time to approach a reliable manufacturer in Kolkata