Best-Quality Domestic Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are underground containers that are used for wastewater storage. JRMS Engineering Works manufactures various domestic septic tanks of different sizes to suit your needs. Our domestic septic tanks are designed to hold sewage for a prolonged period.

Get the septic tanks installed within the premises for the most effective and traditional solution to sewage disposal from your property. We designed the septic tanks, keeping in mind that the property needs proper access to the main drainage system of the municipality.

What type of septic tanks do we store?

We make septic tanks that are buried deep in the ground. We usually manufacture domestic septic tanks made of concrete, fibreglass or polyethene.

Once you start using the domestic septic tanks, you’ll experience the waste water being held into it for a long time, and the solid parts of the waste are allowed to settle down at the bottom.

What is the basic design of our septic tanks?

We keep the design of the domestic septic tank simple. We manufacture the same with an acid-resistant inlet and a separate outlet. Moreover, we also fixed an access point to the manhole of around 12 metres in diameter.

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