Why is it worth to install a septic tank at home?

Posted On: 17th June, 2019

Removing wastewater is essential. And it can be done either through a domestic septic tank or a sewer. However, former is greener than the latter, if done properly. Let’s have a quick look at the positive sides of using a septic tank at your home.

  • They are eco-friendly – Septic tanks are best to remove waste by means of natural filtration process of soil. With a septic tank, wastewater is filtered first before it ends up in drainfield or leachfield. The bacteria of the waste materials gets filtered by soil as the wastewater goes out of the tank and this makes water safe for reuse. Use of properly installed septic tanks helps local water tables to be replenished in the natural way. And these tables are extremely beneficial for the wildlife in the area. And thus septic tank contributes to the local water cycle notably by recycling wastewater.
  • They are good for the planet – Use of septic tank reduces environmental footprint on the planet as the system uses the natural filtration process of the soil for elimination of wastewater. Septic tanks filter the wastewater before releasing in the soil. After being released, the soil filters the bacteria naturally so the water becomes safe to drink and reuse.
  • They are affordable – Installation of new pipes to remove wastewater through a public sewage system is undoubtedly an expensive proposition. On the other hand, installation of a septic tank for removal of wastewater is much affordable. If a property is bigger than an acre, a septic tank would be the perfect choice. The expense of installing a domestic septic tank may vary depending on the location of the property, kind of system is being used and the size of the tank to be used. To be more precise, the cost of septic tank pump as well as pumping and maintenance of the tank would be lower than using public sewage system.
  • They are durable – Septic tanks are durable. They can last for so many years if properly maintained and recurrently pumped. In many cases, the tanks may last as long as 20 to 40 years. You can use the tank even longer by taking proper care of it. It is also essential to hire the right professional in order to maintain and pump the tank on a regular basis to avoid clogs as well as other relevant issues.
  • They are not needed to be replaced – Septic tanks are durable and long lasting. So you don’t need to replace them frequently. They can be used for generations at a stretch with proper care and maintenance.

To ensure more effectiveness, you must get the septic tank pumped and inspected regularly and professionally. Hire a reputable professional from your locality to do the same. It is necessary to ensure that the septic tank remains in a good working condition for longevity while avoiding any issues. This would help you save your hard-earned money and also reduce environmental footprint.