Why India Needs Bio Toilets To Tackle The Problem Of Open Defecation?

Posted On: 18th May, 2018

Millions are dying every year all over the world owing to the lack of proper sanitation facilities. And, India, in spite of being one of the fastest growing countries in the world is no exception to this. Bringing a revolution in the Indian sanitation system is thus the need of the hour.  

Due to the prevalent poor sanitation, more than 50% of the total Indian population have no access to safe toilets and thus defecate in the open. The lack of access to basic sanitation gets coupled with various other waste disposal inadequacies like the open-chute toilet system of the Indian Railways where human excreta drops on the railway tracks. Not only does this raise environmental concern and pose health hazards, but it also results in water contamination.

Statistics from India’ own census and the World Health Organisation suggest that the number of people who are practicing open defecation in India is almost 620 million. It is even estimated that almost 2.4 million Indian children under the age of five, die every year due to the lack of safe sanitation. To address such sanitation problems, various NGOs, government agencies, development bodies and the private sector have been working constantly in their own way.

Installing bio-digester toilets from a leading bio toilet manufacturer in Kolkata‚Äč can play a crucial role in the preventive healthcare. This can help in ensuring that the human waste discharged from toilets does not have any negative impact on the environment. Bio-toilets are the high altitude innovation of DRDO which come with a host of benefits. The zero-waste technology of this toilet enables effective disposal of human waste at source, thus eliminating the need for connecting to sewer tanks.

Why Is Installing Bio-Toilets All Throughout India Important?  

  • Sewage generated from households is causing pollution of ground waters

  • Inadequate handling and disposal of sewage is leading to several health problems

  • The disposal of untreated wastewater on important natural resources like the seas and rivers, lead to their destruction

Much More Than Just Basic Sanitation

Getting bio-digesters installed from reputed FRP bio toilet manufacturer in Kolkata is not just about meeting the sanitation needs of the country. In fact, it is about the safety of the public too. The lack of proper sanitation facilities has resulted in a situation where women are left in dangerous situations while defecating in open fields. Walking out into the open fields in the rural hinterlands can be very dangerous, especially if you are a woman.

It is expected that as the understanding of proper sanitation continues to develop among Indians, the demand for eco-friendly and economical sanitation facilities will grow. Thus, be it for effective disposal of residential wastes or industrial waste, choosing bio-toilets can be your ideal choice. What makes bio-toilets your ideal choice is that they can be easily set up anywhere