What are the Uses and Benefits of Caustic Tanks?

Posted On: 25th June, 2022

Caustic Tanks are mostly used for storing sodium hydroxide, most commonly referred to as caustic soda. This substance needs heating properties to sustain itself at room temperature. Caustic soda is mainly used for the chemical treatment of water, which raises the ph level in the water and detoxifies the bicarbonate.
Caustic soda is an important compound that helps in the production of chemicals, aluminium, and detergent, and is also used in the food production industry.

As far as its regular applications are concerned, caustic soda is used for dustbin cleaning and sanitising, cleaning floors, and stone as well. You can mix caustic soda with water and use it for cleaning or sanitizing. It is required in small quantities.
Caustic soda is stored in fibreglass, stainless steel, carbon steel, low carbon steel, and plastic materials. You need to store it very carefully because the nature of caustic soda is very volatile. When you store it, please make sure the temperature doesn’t cross 45 degrees Celsius; otherwise, it may affect the material of the tank. It is for this reason that you should select the right caustic tank manufacturer, who can provide you with an appropriately sized caustic tank made with materials of good quality. 

Quality of Tank - Make sure the material used to build your caustic tank is of good quality. Before purchasing a caustic tank you need to determine the quality of the material you are buying. 

Materials should be good - Another reason why it is important to use a good grade of material to build a tank is that caustic soda is capable of gradually destroying a tank built with inferior grade material. Owing to its properties as a heating component, caustic soda can affect itself and destroy the tank in the process.

Durability - The product should be durable. Storage of a heating component like caustic soda has to be handled very sensitively. The storage facility needs to last since it is not possible to replace a tank on a regular basis.

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