What are the essential environmental benefits of installing sewage treatment plant (STP)?

Posted On: 10th April, 2019

It has figured out that only 3 percent of the world’s water is ideal for human consumption out of which 2 percent is found in glaciers and ice caps. More than 2 million tons of sewage gets discharged into the waterbodies that causes more than two million children across the planet to die even below the age of 5 years due to waterborne diseases. And thus opting for installation of wasterwater treatment plants aka sewage treatment plant (STP) manufactured by a reputable STP manufacturer is essential like anything in our country as well as throughout the world.

Wastewater treatment plant or STP offers a number of benefits to the mankind and some of them are as follows:

  • Prevents ailments – Water contains a number of bacteria and chemicals that may cause various diseases and even death to people who consume it.  Micro organisms present in the water can cause severe ailments like gastroenteritis, dysentery and cholera. Thus, wastewater or sewage management plays a very important role as it has the capacity to eliminate as much as 97% of contaminants and germs from water that would be, otherwise, harmful if consumed. During the process of removal of contaminants, water generally is passed through different filters blocking the contaminants and killing disease-causing organisms. This is done to ensure that the harmful bacteria don’t get any chance to enter water sources that can eventually harm human beings, animals as well as plants.

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  • Preserves the environment – It is assumed that even a litre of untreated water can pollute 8 litres of fresh water. Since STP manufactured by reliable STP manufacturer can reduce wastes and eliminate injurious bacteria as well as chemicals in the water supply, it can potentially protect wildlife and fishes by providing clean water to the local streams and rivers. People can enjoy different activities around these water bodies knowing that the water is contaminant-free. Moreover, water from a STP can be reused and repurposed to treat localities suffering from dry conditions. The entire process is eco-friendly. Water that can otherwise be written off as unsanitary is being reduced by this process.
  • Gives clean water – As already mentioned, only a little amount of world’s total water content is consumable. The population of the planet is increasing drastically. We can expect a population of around 8 billion people across the world by 2025. This is a population explosion. Existing supply of fresh potable water can’t even help to sustain current population. And thus, it is extremely essential to explore a process to generate and supply more amount of usable clean water for each and every human being. And, it is only wastewater management or proper sewage treatment that can help people sustain by supplying adequate amount of fresh water. The process takes used or excess water, filters out the contaminants from the water to keep the water source safe and clean for everyone. The treatment process also eliminates the water shortage, fear of droughts and detrimental water supplies as the process ensures reused of water over and again in the most scientific way.