What are the Different Types of Portable Security Cabins?

Posted On: 2nd November, 2021

The manufacturers make the security cabins in accordance with the site and project requirements. These are highly accessible for use at various locations. You can buy them in various sizes, dimensions and parameters to meet your needs. The experts also offer prefabrication of the security cabins, embedded with cutting edge technology to guarantee functionality and longevity.   

Know About the Types of Security Cabins   

Portable security cabins

You can move this type of security cabin from one location to another. It offers multiple benefits to the person who will use it. The cabins are spacious and integrated with features that ensure a comfortable stay. Besides, the security cabins also come with customizable arrangements that fulfil every project requirement.  The manufacturers design them faster than most other cabin types.  

Check post cabins

The security guards are assigned duty at the checkpoints at multiple locations. Be it for the public area, industrial zones or highway tolls, you can use the check post cabins for this purpose. Most companies install these cabins at the check post sites and for the guards handling traffic control. These cabins come with advanced features that ensure the longevity of use.  

PVC security cabins

The next and the best kind of security cabin is the PVC variety. PVC is a robust and reliable material for making security cabins. They resist damages against UV rays, dust, rainwater, allergens, etc. The cabins come with 2 or 3 windows and are sleek in appearance. You can expand the cabin size as per the space availability and area of installation.  

FRP security cabins

The FRP security cabins are popular and high in demand. They are mostly installed for office buildings and at construction sites. Fibre Reinforced Plastic is a material that offers high insulation capabilities. It is easy to maintain, requires no additional hassle of maintenance and comes with arrangements for concealed wirings.  

ACP security cabins

These kinds of cabins are mostly installed at the ticket counters or gatehouses. The manufacturers can design them into any shape or size as per the customers need. They choose the material wisely, which assures durability. The cabins can also withstand harsh exterior and environmental conditions.  

Benefits of Using Portable Security Guard Cabins

• They are available in multiple designs, shapes and size
• It is safe to use by the guards working at the construction sites
• The portable security cabins are customizable  
• The cabins come with advanced features like comfort, insulation, electric connectivity and lots of space