What are the Different Types of Flower Pots Available in the Market?

Posted On: 23rd April, 2021

People love to decorate their outside garden area and grow beautiful colourful flowers all around. With the warm summer months coming in, gardening has become a favourite hobby and pastime for all. Flowers in a pot also increase the aesthetic value of the home, making it look appalling and elegant. There are different varieties of indoor flower pots available in the market today. You can purchase durable and sturdy ones from a professional flowerpot manufacturer.  

Availability of a wide variety of Flower Pots  

• Plastic or fibreglass pots

One of the most common selections, the plastic containers, are modern designed and contemporary looking. They come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. The materials used to make this include polypropylene resin, polyurethane and polyethylene. The plastic is lightweight, high quality and unbreakable. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

• Terracotta flower pot  

They emanate a more traditional appearance and look. Since the term terracotta implies baked earth, this form of pottery is clay-based ceramic. The pots give out a conventional orangish and reddish tone; however, they are also available in a diverse range of colours. People favour using this because of its robust, rigid and stable material. They are also the most suitable for circulating air and water, although it absorbs more moisture than usual.  

• Wood Pots  

They provide a traditional, natural and homemade outlook, beautifully complimenting the outdoors and indoor. The manufacturers design them into shape or size. The standard wood choices include cedar, pine, redwood, cypress etc. They are sustainable resources, therefore causing less environmental pollution. Wooden pots also provide the advantage of excellent drainage and can be painted according to various colour schemes.  

• Concrete Pots 

Besides being astonishingly attractive, concrete pots are ideal for long term usage. If you maintain them periodically, they also look equally new and elegant. They are available in classic designs, colour and sizes. Being extremely robust and durable, they are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. However, the single drawback is that they are heavy to lift and carry around.  

• Metal Pots  

Metal flowering pots are diversely designed and crafted, emanating a vibrant mix of contemporariness with traditionalism. They elegant complement the indoor furniture and decor. You can choose in between iron, aluminium, tin and copper. However, they are more expensive than the other kinds of pot. With time, the metal pots age gracefully and also look extremely attractive.