What are some important features and advantages of bio septic tanks?

Posted On: 16th May, 2019

Bio septic tanks are the important ingredients of compact bio sewage treatment plants. The plants are meant for safely processing household wastewater while recycling them as clear and odourless water that can be used for irrigation purpose. According to a leading bio septic tank manufacturer, with such system or tank, the household wastewater can be treated and then recycled at the property where it is being produced without requiring the property owner to arrange for moving the waste products to somewhere else.

Here are some factors that you should know about such systems.

  • As already mentioned, the system perfectly recycles wastewater of your household as clear water that you can use for irrigation; you need to pay for water once and then you can use it twice. This helps you remain eco-friendly as well while saving your hard-earned money.
  • The systems or tanks are made with steel fibre reinforced concrete that gets strengthened as it ages. It is the perfect substance for the areas susceptible to bush fire. It maintains a steady temperature throughout to create an ideal environment for effective bacterial activities.
  • Such tanks are strongly produced so they can be filled by just turning on the faucet in your home right after their installation without requiring the plumbers to spend hours to fill each chamber so chamber imploding doesn’t take place.
  • The tanks are considered as large capacity wastewater system available at different sizes. They are available in even 7000 litres as said by a reputable bio septic tank manufacturer. And this high capacity provides a longer retention time ensuring better treatment for the waste water. And such high capacity tanks are often used for parties as well as long term guests.
  • Bio septic concrete tanks may be backfilled with any material being excavated from the hole. However, it is not ideal for large rocks. With such tanks, you don’t need to buy any expensive and soft backfill material.
  • Usually bio septic tanks are not made form plastic. They come with warranties that you can be rest assured about your investment.
  • Such tanks can significantly reduce Cod and BOD to a significant extent. And this way, they reduce outlet odour notably.

How does it work?

The process starts as the wastewater from toilets, kitchen, bathrooms as well as laundry drains into the tank. The solid waste gets settled in the tank. Naturally occurring bacteria then slowly starts breaking it down. The wastewater now overflows into aeration tank. Here the air is being diffused into two aeration chambers to grow aerobic bacteria. The bacteria reduce sewage to water and carbon dioxide. As the aerobic bacteria breathe this oxygen, you won’t get any odour. Lastly, little amount of chlorine is added in order to kill the pathogens that managed to survive during the aeration process. Now you can use the treated water for gardening. Plants are the best way to take up nutrients that shouldn’t be flown into the rivers and streams. Thus, it is vital to sow ample shrubs and trees so they can soak up treated water from treatment system.