Things to Check before Buying FRP Mobile Toilet for Camps

Posted On: 11th May, 2021

Camping was a nightmare a few years back. The primary reason being, the unavailability of toilets in remote locations. What would you do if you're in urgent need of a bathroom in the middle of the night in a camp? Nature's call doesn't understand any bindings. However, technology has made sure that even this problem has a solution. With the invention of FRP mobile toilets, things have become more manageable. Not only camping, but you'll find a pair of these located in parks, tourist spots and other places.

However, you have to be smart enough to buy the mobile toilets and check them minutely. You'll get flush as well as non-flush toilets, and they are all ecological safe and clean. Although carrying the bathroom all along might be difficult, you can get the same installed in the camping area at your convenience. 

If you're trying to buy a portable toilet for this purpose, you must check the following things.

4 things that you must check before buying a mobile toilet

Gallon carrying capacity

Depending on the number of people planning to camp, you've to check the gallons of fresh water that your portable toilet can carry. That's basically like limiting the size, weight and other factors before buying the same. If you purchase an under-capacity toilet, then your purpose will not be solved. 

Waste level indicator

While purchasing the mobile toilet, if you don't find the waste level indicator mentioned, it's better not to buy the same. You must choose the one where you can use it at least 5 to 8 times. Then you can release the wastes and clean the same. However, using the same just once or twice can be irritating and of no use.

Odour sealing option

This is an essential aspect of any mobile toilet that you buy. Check thoroughly the odour sealing option and the way you'll clean the bathroom. Knowing these mechanisms are necessary to keep the toilet in working condition. 

Check for leaks

You must check the thickness, the material used and the visible leaks, if any, before purchasing the toilet. In case you forget to check the same, you can end up amidst a lot of mess. Also, check the load-carrying capacity of the bathroom because you would certainly not want the toilet to get cracked under your pressure. 

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