Portable Toilet FAQs: Everything You Should Know About Portable Toilets

Posted On: 24th February, 2023

There are still millions of Indians who don’t have toilet facilities or proper sanitation infrastructure because of scarce resources and low income. Such people practices open defecation, which eventually pollutes the environment and causes water contamination and other health hazards. Poor faecal management, inadequate sanitation facilities and disposal mechanism are serious concerns in rural and urban areas. Such issues can be tackled with portable toilets, also popular as Bio-toilets. You can also choose to buy one from the best readymade bathroom manufacturer.

Here are some facts about portable toilets you must know.


What is a Portable Toilet and Where Can It Be Used?


It is a makeshift unit that consists of a toilet seat, a pressure system, a holding tank and a formulation to facilitate waste degradation. Such units are movable from one place to another easily and are the most preferred for highways, construction sites, hill stations, pilgrim locations and other such places where the installation of conventional toilets isn’t possible. These toilets can be used as a temporary or permanent sanitation solution anywhere.


How do Portable Toilets and Bio-toilets Work?


The holding tank in the portable toilet collects all the human waste. Different mechanisms in this tank degrade waste effectively, preventing odour. After the completion of the degradation process, either a waste disposal mechanism is used for the removal of waste, or it is removed manually. 

With improper waste management, waste disposal and transportation being a major concern, bio-toilets can help to solve this issue.

Bio-toilet also consists of a toilet seat and holding tank, just like general portable toilets, but the former uses bio-digester technology to dispose of human waste in the holding tank. Additionally, anaerobic microbes in the tank help degrade organic human waste in the absence of air. This leads to the producing harmless by-products like methane, carbon dioxide and water which can be used as a resource for electricity, cooking, or biogas.


Can Chemicals be Used to Clean the Portable Toilets?


Using cleaning products that are extremely corrosive and contain anti-microbial properties that impact the microbial community performance essential for decomposition. Such toilets can be cleaned using water and natural cleaning agents.

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