Portable Bio Toilets: A Solution For India’s Sanitization Challenge

Posted On: 10th September, 2021

We are all aware of the benefits of using portable toilets. They are convenient and accessible for users, especially at outdoor events and large parties. The guests can relieve themselves whenever possible. You can purchase the FRP portable toilet from reputable manufacturers and not worry about a toilet arrangement for the attendees.   

The Significance of Portable Bio Toilets  

Sanitisation is a big challenge in India. Most people in remote regions are forced to defecate in open areas. This poses severe health hazards, pollutes the environment and causes water contamination. The open chute toilet systems in the public vehicles drop human waste on the rail tracks. When this untreated faecal matter lies open, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  

To overcome this problem, using portable bio-toilets is a great choice. They are designed with the latest biotech solutions and features to transform the sanitisation landscape of this country.  

The Technology of Portable Bio Toilets 

In every portable toilet, a fitted holding tank collects all the human waste. The operatives apply some solutions to curb the bad odour. Later, they collect this waste, transport it, and dispose of it at a safer location.   

But the problem of safe waste disposal still looms large 

This is where the portable bio-toilets come to everyone’s rescue. The manufacturers make them with biodigester technology to treat human waste in the tanks. The anaerobic bacteria inside it degrades the organic faecal matter. In the absence of air, this bacterium multiplies and digests all the waste matter.  It removes pathogens from the water bodies.  

This kind of portable toilet is waterless and does not operate on a home cistern flush technology. It does not contaminate the water resources and is a perfect alternative to dumping waste matter into the ground. The waste decomposition method is eco-friendly and economical. It also controls the spread of a foul smell.  
The FRP Portable Bio toilets have advanced features that benefit people in the following manner–  

• Has a pre-fabricated shelter  
• Demands less maintenance 
• Provide heat, chemical and corrosion resistance  
• It is made of a compact design
• Eliminates the requirement for costly waste treatment  
• Allow ecological digestion of the organic food  
• It is a great option than dumping sewage into the lakes, fields, rivers and ponds  

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