Leading Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer Explains its Benefits

Posted On: 15th February, 2019

There can hardly be any denying the very worrying fact that an alarmingly high number of people die every year due to falling ill from waterborne diseases. While it might seem like there is no way to curb this bane, there actually is. Sewage treatment plants are the answer to the problems caused due to the widespread nature of contaminated water. What these plants do is to basically remove all the contaminants from water and make it useable again.

This is quite an important advantage to have, considering the limited nature of water that is fit for human consumption. The same water can be used over and over again, making sure that even though it is limited, there will not be a dearth of it. Bearing that in mind, discussed below are the benefits of using the products of the top sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Kolkata.

Why a Sewage Treatment Plant is Beneficial to the Environment

  • Keeps Diseases at Bay

The best thing about a sewage treatment plant is that it makes sure that diseases are kept at bay. As mentioned before, it is an unfortunate fact that there are a lot of diseases that can stem from the population of the country drinking contaminated water. This bane is completely nullified by a sewage treatment plant. It is estimated quite accurately that an STP effectively removes around 97% of the contaminants that stay in the water. By ‘contaminant’, various disease-causing microorganisms are being referred to, and the diseases they can cause are dysentery, diarrhoea, gastrointestinal diseases and many more.

  • Produces Clean, Useable Water

Another good thing about a sewage treatment plant is the fact that it basically provides clean water that can be used by all. The bad thing with the world right now is, while the water needed to sustain life is limited, the population is on an ever-increasing upward trend. What will happen as a result of this is that in a few years, there will be more people in the world without enough water to drink. This is why it is so important that the water already in use gets reused over and over again, and that is essentially the only purpose of an STP.

  • Reuse of the Waste

When a sewage treatment plant treats wastewater, the contaminants that it removes are mostly biodegradable. As a result of this, these ‘contaminants’ can be effectively used to produce methane, a gas that can be used to generate electricity. Interestingly, this electricity that is produced is, in most cases, used to power the treatment plant itself. When the amount of electricity is more, it can also be used to power the entire locality of the plant.

There you have it! These are the environmental benefits of a sewage treatment plant. It is because of these benefits that these plants are started to be used more and more across the world. After all, this is an absolutely necessary situation as water is a must for the survival of mankind.