Important Qualities to Look For in A Mobile Toilet

Posted On: 6th August, 2021

Mobile toilets are in high demand, especially during any outdoor event or a large occasion. You have to think about a restroom facility for the guests so that they do not end up using your home toilet. Besides arranging for food and venue, hiring a portable toilet accommodation is the best solution.  Mobile toilet vans provide enhanced flexibility and durability. You can get the FRP mobile toilets to cater to the convenience of your guests.   

Features of the FRP material 

• High strength to weight ratio 

The FRP material is extremely lightweight, durable, and strong. It shows mechanical properties like high tensile strength, compressive strength, and flexural impact. Compared to other metals, it delivers more strength per unit of weight.  

• Customisable  

Using the FRP material for portable toilets gives you the option of customisation. You can modify the designs to meet your specific requirements. This way, you will get more options to integrate elements like corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance etc.  

• Mould into complex shapes 

With regards to portable toilets, the FRP material can mould into different shapes and sizes.  This gives you an advantage over using traditional materials like wood, concrete, metal etc. Other features include noise cancellation, streamlined designing etc. 

• Anisotropic 

The manufacturers and engineers can maximise its efficiency and performance with the in-built anisotropic properties of the FRP material. The fibre reinforcements show maximum strength. The engineers optimise this factor to optimise the material and overall structure.  

Qualities of a Portable Toilet 

1. Convenience – During any outdoor event, you can set up portable toilets for everyone’s convenience. The guests can relieve themselves whenever needed, with easy access to the facility. It is suitable for events that do not have any establishments nearby.   

2. Use – The portable toilets must be designed for easy use. It should have wheelchair access, ramps and railings. Portable sinks and flushable toilets provide more convenience to the users. 

3. Hygiene – The toilets should be clean, with utmost hygiene and sanitation. The toilet cleaners safely dispose of the waste matter in the sewer system. As the user, you should use the toilet clean and flush after use. The toilet should also provide facilities pertaining to privacy and hygiene.   
4. Conserves Water – Every portable toilet should use different means for water conservation. Most of the toilets flush gallons of water every day, which creates environmental damage. Hence, it is necessary to implement advanced technologies that minimise water consumption.  
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