How to Protect FRP Mobile Toilet during Heavy Rains?

Posted On: 23rd June, 2021

Rains and winds are the biggest enemies of portable toilets. Unlike the concrete ones, these are light in weight and made of fibre reinforced plastic material. Hence excessive rain, falling of trees or wind can damage the same. Thus, while using FRP mobile toilets on outdoor occasions during the monsoon season's particular attention needs to be given.

Here are a few tips that would help you keep your portable toilet in working condition even during heavy monsoons.

Arrange appropriate place

If you're expecting rain, then take precaution from the very beginning. Place the toilet in a hard concrete area where there is no mud. This is to keep the toilet clean even if the rain ruins the ground. You must also see the trees nearby. Don't keep it near big trees which can fall in a storm. If you can’t arrange for a shelter, then keep it in an open space away from trees.

Provide necessary protection

To protect the portable toilets, the best option is to stake down the same into the ground. This will prevent it from shaking during heavy storms. Then, to protect it from heavy rains, cover the same with a big plastic sheet when no one uses the same.

Add drainage mats

Add elevated steps and mats in front of the toilets. Instruct the users to rub their feet off in the same to keep the inside clean. Continuous mud accumulation will block the drains and make the toilet dirty. Thus the drainage mats are the best options in such cases.

Optional heating process

For the mobile toilets that have electricity, heating is a feasible option to keep the air circulation fresh inside the toilets even after hours of use. Continuous rains and mud cakes make the toilet damp and smell bad. Get electrical access and heat the toilet; use the exhaust fans as well.

Increase pumping rates

To keep mobile toilets clean during the monsoons, continuous pumping is an indispensable option. During the cold weather and freezing, components are added to the tank to keep the toilet fresh. Similarly, in monsoon, clean the toilet at continuous intervals and use the pumping machines to get the mud and other materials out of the drain.

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