How are Readymade Toilets an Eco-Friendly Option?

Posted On: 1st October, 2021

To reduce environmental pollution, the demand for ready-made toilet cabins is on a significant rise. While most people in India do not have access to safe sanitation, portable toilet cabins are a great alternative to consider. The toilets are inexpensive, easy to operate and eco-friendly. It helps reach sustainable development goals, aiming toward a healthy and clean society.  

The legacy of a new sustainable planet demands that we be responsible for our ways of sanitation. In areas where proper toilet facilities are not available, you can install the FRP mobile toilets. The manufacturers make them of premium quality, durable material. The toilets are spacious, safe and hygienic. Innovative and functional arrangements like the ready-made toilet can change the world for the better.  

Types of Readymade Eco-Friendly Toilets 

• Bio Digester Toilets 
• PRB or Permeable Reactive Barrier 
• Urine Diverting Dry Toilets (UDDT)
• Self-Cleaning Toilets   

Ready-made Toilets Safe for a Clean Surrounding   

1. Conserve water 

Water wastage is a common issue linked to the use of toilets. On the face of an ongoing crisis, more water is flushed out every day. The portable toilets require less water and prevents useless wastage. The disposal of waste matter is safe and less polluting.  

2. Waste Disposal  

Human faeces contain harmful microorganisms, which is dangerous for our health. The manufacturers design portable toilets that lessen water body and landfill contamination. Advances in technology have further helped with efficient waste management. There are biodigester ready-made toilets that convert human waste to gas and manure. It follows a zero-waste system to break down human excreta. Hence, it brings down pollution levels to a minimum.   

Safe disposal of human waste decreases the likelihood of diseases. People can live in a safe outdoor space and live a healthy life.  

3. Reduce Insect Problems 

Human waste is a breeding ground for insects, germs, worms and mosquitoes. In most toilets, pathogens grow because of inadequate cleaning and sanitization. These toilets become a treasure chest for harmful microorganisms. If you continue using the toilet, you can get infected by hookworms.  
The ready-made toilets have sinks where you can clean your hands with soap. It is hygienic to use and safe for your health. 

4. Improve Public Health 

Portable toilets have a dramatic impact on improving the overall health of the community. With less use of chemicals like alcohol or formaldehyde, you do not undergo health issues. The toilets do not emanate bad odour or harmful gases. Besides, it eliminate the growth of disease-causing parasites.  

You can use the ready-made toilets for outdoor events, weddings, or construction sites. They are convenient, comfortable and ensures safe sanitation.