Experts Guide to Choosing the Best Planter Material

Posted On: 2nd December, 2021

Plants are a great decor option that adds beauty and elegance to the house. They liven up your personal space by adding a fresh feel and creating a positive environment. A perfect planter makes the overall appearance more aesthetic. While there are a lot of options available in the market, you can choose the best ones from a reputable decorative planter manufacturer. They guarantee you good quality products at competitive price deals.  
The Common Types of Planter Material

Selecting the right type of planters promotes good plant health and adds visual appeal to the interior/exteriors. The most common ones are –

• Fibreglass planters
• Concrete planters
• Plastic planters
• Terracotta planters
• Ceramic planters

1. Fibreglass planters  

FRP or fibreglass is new, modern material. The manufacturers put the fibreglass and resin mix into a mould to create different shapes and sizes. Sanding and a primer layer give it a protective and flawless finish. The major advantage of FRP planters is that it is durable and long-lasting. It is strong, flexible and superior in quality when compared to other planters. It has plant protection features like rendering protection against hot climate, UV radiation, waterproofing etc.

2. Concrete planters

Concrete planters are made using cement paste mixed with sand, water and rock. Sometimes chemicals like silicon, calcium, iron and aluminium are used to bind and harden the mixture. This is how it makes for a planter that is strong and sturdy. Concrete planters are available in different colours and styles. Yet, they are heavyweight and hardy. Strong winds and harsh weathering can cause damage to these planters.  

3. Plastic Planters

All kinds of containers are made from plastic. The same applies to flower pots and planters made out of plastic. Plastic pots are made from crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource. Nowadays, different varieties are utilized to make planters like UPVC etc. The big advantage of plastic planters is that they are lightweight and cheap. Since plastic planters are mass-produced, you can mould them into various shapes and styles. The strength to weight ratio of the plastic pots is high, so they are most favoured.  

4. Terracotta planters  

When compared to FRP, terracotta planters provide no option for customization. It renders a rustic look and is reddish-brown. The manufacturers glaze the ceramic on the outside, which keeps the plants hydrated and fresh. The pots are designed in a manner that prevents leakage. Terracotta planters are durable and affordable. But the FRP planters are much lighter.  

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