Durability and Corrosion-resistance Make FRP Vessels So Beneficial

Posted On: 11th October, 2018

One of the materials that have become highly sought-after in the market as far as tanks and vessels are concerned. FRP stands for fibreglass reinforced plastic which is a composite material that has come into common use for the manufacture of chemical plant equipment like vessels and tanks. There are quite a few reasons why this material has become so preferred by so many. These reasons have been discussed in the points listed below.

Advantages of an FRP Vessel (Size 120 x 140)


  • Corrosion-free

Perhaps the best thing about an FRP vessel size 120 x 140 is that it is entirely resistant to corrosion. This negates any need from the owner’s part to devote any time to it by way of maintenance. In today’s industrial world, any time that one does not need to put into one thing can be distributed into others. This means that the maintenance-free nature of FRP vessels means that the surplus time that is acquired from it can be easily put into production. The fact that these vessels are not prone to get corroded means that they also have a long lifetime compared to other materials of its kind.

  • Durability

Carrying on from the previous point, the lack of the need for maintenance coupled with the fact that FRP vessels are so resistant to corrosion ensures that the service life of these vessels is enviably exemplary. You can rest assured that your vessel is going to give you service life for years, if not decades, and for most of that time period you will not be required to worry about its efficiency at all. FRP by nature is an extremely tough material so it can withstand most impacts that it might go through. It is also entirely resistant to cold, heat as well as any abrasion.

  • Other Benefits

Lightweight – Despite the durability and toughness of FRP, you should not consider that it is a hefty material. Quite on the contrary, in fact, you are sure to be amazed that the surprisingly light weight of FRP.

Strength – Another advantage of FRP and its vessel size 120 x 140 is that it is extremely strong. As well as its toughness, one thing that cannot be denied is its capacity to hold whatever is put into it, making it the preferred choice for chemical plants.

  • Uses

FRP vessels are quite popular in chemical industries, especially in the sectors of metal extraction, wood pulp and paper, fertiliser, brine, vinegar, refining, food processing, amongst others. As more people realise the benefits that these vessels offer, more and more sectors will also follow in the same footsteps.

With so many benefits to offer, it is hardly any surprise that FRP vessels have become the go-to option for chemical industries nationwide. This popularity is expected to increase in the foreseeable future.