Common Myths of Septic Tank You Should Know

Posted On: 8th October, 2022

People don't give much thought to septic tank installation. However, to maintain a proper waste disposal system, every home requires a separate septic tank. The solids break down into sludge and gases because the waste contains anaerobic microorganisms.

If your home has a septic system, you've probably heard some untrue advice about managing it. The top four septic system fallacies are debunked in this article.

Top 4 and common Myth of Septic Tank

Myth #1: Septic Tanks Self-care is essential

A septic tank should be drained out every three to four years. This may change due to the size of the tank and the number of people living in a home. This is the most popular and cost-effective method for maximising your septic system's function.
Thanks to biological processes and gravity, septic tanks and systems carry out a significant amount of the work with little assistance.

Myth #2: Almost anything can be flushed down the toilet

That is untrue. A balance of biological bacteria and enzymes is necessary to break down the waste. That is put into a septic tank. The risk of system failure rises when substances like drain cleaners, disinfectants, and solvents reduce or remove the bacteria.

Myth #3: The requirement for pumping is decreased by additives

Products are available as solutions to maintain the health and functionality of septic tank systems. Some even assert that employing them will make pumping useless. The idea is to improve sewage digestion. It reduces the demand for pumping by introducing "secret" bacteria and enzymes into the system. The statements, however, cannot always be supported. It also leaves several important points unaccounted for.

Myth #4 As long as it's not "permanent," it's legal to build over a septic tank

Any structure constructed above the tank or drain field may cause various problems for the system. If your tank is difficult to maintain, pumping will cost more. Whatever structure is built upon needs to be removed or destroyed. Maintain a healthy balance within the system. It saves time and money in the long run. The drain field must stay open and get enough oxygen through the ground.

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