Common Misconceptions About FRP Prefabricated Portable Toilets

Posted On: 24th April, 2023

Portable toilets are majorly used in construction sites, venues and event halls. In fact, they are a necessity for places where it's difficult to find a toilet nearby, and even if it's available, not everyone lets strangers use their toilets. But a lot of people have a negative perception of FRP prefabricated portable toilets, making them unwilling to use them or get one to serve their purpose. 


Four Myths Debunked About Portable Toilets


Myth#1: Portable Toilets are Unsanitary

Some people hesitate to use portable toilets because they believe they are covered in germs. But this isn't true. It actually depends on how often and how well a portable toilet is cleaned. A regularly cleaned portable toilet can be just as tidy and hygienic as the regular one. 

When a portable toilet is sent to the venue, it will have been already sanitized to make it germ-free. Make sure to clean the toilet seat and interior surfaces regularly to keep them sanitary.


Myth#2: Portable Toilets have Insufficient Indoor Facilities

Most people think of a cluttered space that doesn't allow you to clean up properly after using it when they think about portable toilets. They rather prefer to wait to reach the nearest rest stop or gas station as they are well-equipped. However, the fact is portable toilets come in various sizes, pre-equipped with several amenities. Here are some popular amenities you should know:

  • Hand washing stations: It makes freshwater, soap and paper towels accessible to guests. The larger models also offer sinks inside the toilet.

  • Hand sanitizing stations: These are great if you rent several portable toilets for construction sites or larger events.


Myth#3: Portable Toilets are Difficult to Move Around

Many people perceive moving portable toilets are difficult and requires specialized equipment. The fact is some of them are difficult to move due to their size, but they need to be held upright while moving. 


Myth#4: Portable Toilets are Just for Massive Outdoor Events

Many assume that renting a portable toilet is required only when hosting a grand outdoor event. But it is not so. You can consider portable toilets for all those sites where there is no proper access to toilets nearby. 


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