Acid Storage Tank - Know in Details About the Features

Posted On: 24th May, 2023

Acid tanks are used in the industrial sector to store industrial acid and chemical solutions. These
storage tanks are engineered keeping the chemical properties of the acids in mind. They are sturdy,
durable and made of different things other than plastics to store all industrial acids safely. The
industrial tanks are apt for acid storage. Most acid storage tank manufacturers use three major types
of materials to manufacture acid storage tanks. Most acid storage tanks are made of stainless steel,
polyethene or fibreglass.
Read on to learn more about the important features of acid storage tanks.

What are the features of acid storage tanks?

These tanks are designed to store large volumes of acid. They are different in terms of composition
from the normal tanks. Here are a few features that make acid storage tanks different from normal

● These types of tanks are made flexible to adapt to high-temperature levels
● These types of tanks are durable and sturdy and have high physical strength
● These types of tanks are weather-resistant and corrosion-free, requiring very low
maintenance costs.
● These types of tanks are easy to handle and easy to clean with very low thermal conductivity.
● These types of tanks have low pump loads to maintain the chemical flow.
● These types of tanks have brilliant mechanical strength as well.

During manufacturing, the major focus is on engineering the tanks based on the properties of the
chemicals and acids being stored in the same. Industries purchasing acid storage tanks need to
ensure they have these features.

What is the objective of using industrial acid storage tanks?

The purpose of industrial acid storage tanks is to ensure that all industrial chemicals and acids are
stored safely. Moreover, the tanks are also used to transport acids and chemicals from one factory to
the other. Hence it is essential to get a tank that ensures safe chemical transportation.
Some commonly used industrial acids are sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, nitric acid and
lactic acids. You’ll find acid storage tanks primarily for these types of acids. These tanks are generally
available in different shapes, sizes and configurations. Industries buy the same depending on the
volumes of acid they need to transport or store.
Buy the best quality acid tanks from renowned manufacturers. Buying from random manufacturers will not ensure the quality of the tanks. On the contrary, a renowned manufacturer will provide you the best quality acid tanks that you can use without any hindrances.